The Living Waters Program

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Jesus says that whoever drinks the water that He gives will never be thirsty. The water that He gives will become in us a well of life that lasts forever. Whether read alone, shared one-to-one or explored in a small group, this book will help you understand why you struggle to receive what Jesus so freely gives. The story of your life is the story of your journey to become more and more like Jesus and His transforming hand on you even as you face trials and temptations along the way. 

Engaging in the healing process outlined in this book will help you to collaborate more deeply with God on that journey. As the Lord brings to the surface past hurts and painful patterns He releases you from your past, heals your pain, satisfies your thirst and empowers you to live in greater freedom, peace and purpose.

With over twenty-five years of experience Sheila Wise Rowe and Nicholas Rowe are uniquely gifted to walk with others as they embark on a healing journey. Throughout this book they share scriptures, practical steps and stories of not only their own pilgrimage but also those of others who have journeyed to The Well of Life.

The Well of Life Groups

The Well of Life Groups are offered in many setting such. For more information  about upcoming groups or facilitators training please contact:

Call: 857-719-2575

Urban Ministries



Arise ministers to the whole person with programs that facilitate emotional healing and spiritual growth for individuals, couples, families and communities in the USA and internationally.

The mission of ARISE is "to share God's love and promote His heart for emotional wholeness, abundant living and racial reconciliation through our global programs and partnerships.

The impact of our transformation programs and partnerships is undeniable.

"The Ministry happens in a way that allowed us to feel that pain of the past in a safe environment and be loved back to wholeness. We began to know God’s love for us more deeply and to carry that love away with us into our daily lives." (Marie S.) 


The Rehoboth House is a healing and transformation Center. Our ministry powerfully facilitates emotional healing, discipleship, and spiritual growth:

  • Christian Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Expressive arts therapy
  • Peer support groups 

The Rehoboth Housealso offer: 

  • The Well of Life book
  • The Well Of Life Groups,
  • Workshops
  • Solo or Guided Retreat and Times of Reflection
  • Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation 
  • The Rehoboth House Press​

You can help underwrites the cost of training materials and/or fee for service for needy individuals, couples and organizations across the globe. For more information visit:

The Living Waters Program is a Christ-centered program of healing and growth that results in greater intimacy with Jesus and more joy in life and relationships. We offer help with relationship issues, unproductive thought or behavior patterns, addictions and the negative impact of sin, abuse and racism.

We heal as we allow ourselves to be more real before God and others. As we receive and experience God’s mercy and love we then relate to our own and others’ journey with more compassion and grace.

 For more information about participating in the group next year, 2018:

Email BillBonnice:  

or phone (617) 506-3710